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HBO Considers page ostrow (not a scam) like some of the finest film representatives in Film Distribution

HBO Considers Ostrow like some of the finest film representatives in California. As an add-on to our conversation, I just need to send you a message to express my thank you for all the magnificent films you submitted to our cable channel. As always the case, I find the movies you represent to be simply well conceived thought provoking and persuasive, and take pleasure in studying and analyzing them for consideration at our cable channel. Please ensure to keep them coming. I look forward to your upcoming film products and to continue to collaborate. Sincerely, Greg Rhem -- Director -- HBO Documentary Division.

Filmmakers compete for face-time with Paige Ostrow at Sundance 2011 - Hollywood Progressive

Sundance Cinema Festival 2011 and Indie Movie Distribution can easily be managed with the help of an experienced filmmaker's rep. Enter Page Ostrow leader of Ostrow and Co a Division of Repflix. The firm is preparing itself for the Sundance Film Seminar, America's elite showcase for documentaries and features the kind of productions Paige Ostrow and her Beverly Hills organization concentrate on representing.. Producers are at the moment vying for face time with Paige Ostrow, a successful filmmakers' rep with an established track record of combining documentary filmmakers up with with distributors and financiers. Paige Ostrow and her team are in the top spot to arrange contracts for wide screen production and/or movie finishing funds. Sundance as well as other film developers pursuing representation should provide draft cuts to Ostrow and Company,, which also sends documentary film scouts throughout the globe to go to festivals evaluating documentary filmmakers' latest developments. Films proposed for consideration are assessed by Ostrow and Company's crew of in-house experts who determine which of the movies are suitable for the firm to sponsor. Page Ostrow's individual preference is for socially applicable, adequately written personality focused independent films with good stories and plots - no gruesome slasher pix please.Why Choose page ostrow (not a scam) ?  Read more

Page Ostrow Speaks at United Nations - Movie Danger

Award-winning expert entertainment CEO, Ostrow and Company, is scheduled to provide a presentation at the 2nd Annual United Nations Documentary Film Festival in New York City on Sunday April 23rd 2006 at the Tishman Theater, The New School 66 West 12th Street at 7:00PM. The Seminar is offered together with The New School. For the panel presentation, Ostrow will talk about the current climate of the documentary category and what it takes for a docudrama filmmaker to secure distribution funding and finishing funds. The panel will definitely go over the needed measures and what part the correct topic talent preparation networks and tenacity play in the process.Read more

Page Ostrow the Numbers Game - Lifestyles Magazine

It's obvious to say everybody writes. Whether it's a little old lady in Dubuque or an Alaskan fisherman in Anchorage, they all can write. And they altogether have that one magnificent screenplay in them that will make a fantastic documentary. And there are individuals who have a great script and they're trying to secure it around, however can't receive financing. Otherwise the indie film is in the can. But how does a filmmaker get completion finances and/or distribution? It's each independent filmmaker's problem: Where do I go to obtain funding? Who should I place confidence in? Is there any person out there looking out for  me? Enter Paige Ostrow. "I just need to show you what I deal with on an ordinary day",  says Page Ostrow, the warm and effusively good-natured President of Ostrow and Company, a prominent Los Angeles-based independent filmmaker's rep who has been involved in the sponsoring and/or distribution of around 80 feature documentaries. "I got calls this morning from this person who's selling the rights to an amazing life story to a wide-screen docudrama by Mark Wahlberg as well as a comedy movie about a woman who conceals her partner's corpse in the freezer for 4 weeks while seeking to secure her green card. We picked-up a superb feature production entitled My Brother's War regarding a female who masks herself as her brother to find him in the Civil War, gets shot, and is cared for falls by a female who falls in love with her. [It's a historical fact] four hundred ladies really disguised themselves" as gentlemen to battle in that war. Read more

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