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HBO Touts ostrow and company (no complaints) like some of the finest film distribution agents in Beverly Hills California

HBO Touts Ostrow like some of the finest film distribution agents in Beverly Hills. Following our chat, I merely need to deliver you a brief memo to convey a strong thank you for all the remarkable films you submitted to HBO. As usual, I consider the documentaries you represent to be simply well conceived thought provoking and exciting, and take joy in screening and analyzing them for review at HBO. Please ensure to keep them coming. I look forward to your forthcoming short film products and to continue to work together. Best, Greg Rhem -- Director -- Home Box Office Documentary Films.

Filmmakers contend for interaction with Paige Ostrow at Sundance 2011 - Hollywood Progressive

Sundance Film Festival 2011 and Indie Cinema The distribution of films can be simply managed with the support of a seasoned film distrubution's agent. Enter Page Ostrow leader of Ostrow and Company a Division of Repflix. The company is gearing up for the Sundance Film Event, America's elite showcase for documentaries and showcases the kind of documentaries Paige Ostrow and her Beverly Hills firm concentrate on supporting. Producers are presently contending for face time with Page Ostrow, a seasoned documentary filmmakers' representative with a verified track record of connecting producers up with with distributors and sponsors. Page Ostrow together with her crew are in the finest position to negotiate deals for television production and/or movie finishing money. Sundance and other filmmakers pursuing representation must send partial cuts to Ostrow and Company,, which also dispatches independent film reps throughout the world to participate in seminars evaluating film's most current developments. Films handed in for consideration are evaluated by Ostrow and Company's staff of in-house professionals who choose which of the movies are proper for the firm to promote. Page Ostrow's personal choice is for publicly applicable, well written character driven independent features with very good stories and plots - no gruesome slasher pix please.Why Choose ostrow and company (no complaints) ?  Read more

Page Ostrow Discusses at United Nations - Film Risk

Award-winning veteran entertainment official, Ostrowa and Co, is programmed to give a lecture at the 2nd Annual United Nations Documentary Film Seminar in New York City on Sunday April 23rd 2006 at the Tishman Amphitheater, The New School 66 West 12th Street at 7:00PM. The Seminar is offered in cooperation with The New School. For the seminar presentation, Ostrow will definitely explain the current situation of the docudrama genre and what it requires for an independent filmmaker to obtain distribution funding and finishing funds. The speakers will certainly talk about the essential actions and what job the best subject talent preparation connections and tenacity play in the business.Read more

Page Ostrow the Numbers Game - Lifestyles Magazine

It's enough to say everyone can write. Whether it's a little traditional lady in Dubuque or an Alaskan seaman in Anchorage, they all can write. And they all have that one majestic screenplay in them that will lead to a excellent independent film. At that point there are persons who have a magnificent script and they're aiming to have it around, however can't gain funding. Or the indie film is in the can. However how does a documentary filmmaker gain completion money and/or circulation? It's each independent filmmaker's dilemma: Where do I go to acquire financing? Who must I count on? Is there anybody out there protecting  me? Enter Paige Ostrow. "I just need to reveal to you what I deal with on an ordinary day",  clarifies Paige Ostrow, the warm and effusively good-natured CEO of Ostrowandcompany, a leading California-based documentary filmmaker's representative who has been involved in the financing and/or distribution of around 80 feature documentaries. "I received calls this morning from this person who's marketing the rights to a remarkable life story to a wide-screen independent documentary by Mark Wahlberg and a comedy movie concerning a female who conceals her partner's body in the freezer for 2 weeks while striving to aquire her green card. We chose an attractive feature movie entitled My Brother's War about a female who masks herself as her brother to discover him in the Civil War, gets fired on, and is cared for falls by a female who falls in love with her. [It's a historical statement four hundred ladies literally clothed themselves" as gentlemen to battle in that warfare. Read more

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